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Art au Pluriel is not responsible for the content of information provided by artists including those relating to the works of artists. They are responsible for the authenticity.

Art au Pluriel is not responsable for the pubished picture by the artist. These photos are displayed on a virtual gallery and the use of these photos by a third party is not the responsibility of the Art au Pluriel but to the artist. Art au Pluriel do not own the artist photos and consequently not sell or will not distribute the pictures on display. Art au Pluriel can use an artist artwork photo to promote the artist gallery or to be use on the website banners.

Art au Pluriel is not responsible for texts written by artists. They must provide the content and grammar of their own texts. The texts, photographs of artworks remain the sole property and responsability of the artist exhibitor.

Art au Pluriel is not responsible for sales transactions, exchange of services between the artist and a third party. These transactions are the ultimate responsibility of the artist exhibitor.

At all time, Art au Pluriel committee may refuse the texts or images submitted by the artist if they do not comply with Art au Pluriel regulations.

Art au Plurielcommittee may at any time cancel a gallery that does not comply with the regulations of Art au Pluriel.

Art au Pluriel reserves the right to change the membership fees at any time.

offensive texts or photos (eg hate related) are strictly prohibited.